5 Benefits of Hosting Corporate Events at a Hotel Restaurant

Corporate events are part and parcel of any business’s operations, regardless of its type and size. All companies celebrate milestones such as anniversaries or meeting the quarterly sales target. Meetings, presentations, product launches, and team building events are regular activities for nearly all organizations as well.

Whatever kind of corporate event you are planning next, you won’t go wrong with hosting it at one of the best hotel restaurants in Dubai. By doing so, you will enjoy these incredible benefits:

1.    An excellent venue

Hotel restaurants always have classy, gorgeous interiors. Since they are part of a hotel, these establishments need to uphold the brand’s culture. As such, these restaurants are also elegant, well-designed, and have a great ambience that’s perfect for any type of corporate event.

Since the dining establishments of hotels are innately beautiful and thoughtfully designed, you won’t need to spend a lot of money and time decorating the venue for your event.

If you want your team or guests to get into the mood of the event or drive home its purpose or goal, you can add some banners, centerpieces, and other decorative items. All these won’t cost you much and you won’t have to spend a lot of time organizing or hanging them up. You will even get help from the restaurant staff.

2.    Superb service

The best hotel restaurants have staff members that are friendly, gracious, and professional. From servers to housekeepers, you can expect them to help you when you need their assistance.

Your team or guests will also receive the best personalized care from the staff. As such, these valued guests won’t lack for anything. Because of this, they are more likely to remain focused and productive throughout the event.

And aside from getting help with decorating the venue, you can rely on them for other services as well. You can get help with setting up the AV equipment or with secretarial services. If you are looking for an event planner to help you throw the perfect gathering, the hotel or restaurant staff can give you their recommendations as well.

3.    A diverse menu

Food can make or break any type of corporate event. You will never have to worry about your attendees or guests being disappointed by the food they will eat if you hold your event at a renowned hotel restaurant.

This is because these establishments have the most talented and seasoned in-house chefs. Additionally, they use only the freshest, best ingredients. As such, you will be certain that all the dishes they serve will be scrumptious and beyond everyone’s expectations.

Many hotel dining establishments offer cross-cultural menus as well. Because of this, you and your attendees will have more dishes to choose from. And this will ensure that everyone will eat and enjoy something during meal and snack times.

4.    Access to first-rate accommodation and other amenities

Hosting your event at a hotel restaurant will give you and your employees, as well as guests coming from other countries or far-off places who need accommodation, several advantages.

For one, your attendees can book a room at the venue’s hotel. They won’t have to spend time or money to get to the event venue. They can then put the time and money they save to better use, such as by meeting your other employees, visiting the popular tourist destinations, or shopping for souvenirs.

During their visit to Dubai, the attendees will have quick access to other amenities and services as well. If they want to get a massage, they can simply head to the hotel’s wellness spa. If the hotel has an in-house salon, they can get a haircut or have their nails done.

More importantly, they will have free access to the hotel business center where they can take care of business matters.

5.    Budget-friendly event packages

Lastly, many hotel chains offer budget-friendly packages for organizations that frequently host their events at their restaurants or meeting rooms.

These packages come with discounts on accommodation, food, and the use of other facilities. You can even ask for other perks and freebies as well, such as early check-in for your guests and free use of their AV equipment.

If your budget for your event is limited, discuss your needs and preferences with the hotel and see what arrangements they can offer so you can host at their venue. By closely working with them, you can still ensure the event’s success and make sure your attendees have a productive and wonderful time at the amount you can afford.

Hotel restaurants make the perfect venue for corporate events. Make sure to keep this in mind for the next event you will be planning.


Habib Khan is a seasoned Hotelier, currently the CEO of Planet Hospitality and General Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa. Khan has more than 30 years of diversified international experience in the hospitality industry. He is an expert in developing, transforming, and managing hotels, with an ability to analyze and solve problems in a challenging work environment.