5 Surprising International Ski Locations

While most people in Europe associate skiing in the French Alps with the alps, with resort locations like skiing Holidays Val Thorens, coming to mind. In order to expand your horizons a bit, we have put together this list of 5 unusual and unexpected ski locations around the world.


China’s northern reaches are adorned with glorious mountains which come winter are capped with snow, perfect for the winter ski season. Many places in china are perfect for skiing, for example Harbin which is the capital of Heilongjiang in the historical region of Manchuria, is famed for its icy conditions and therefore fantastic skiing at nearby resort Yabuli, China’s largest ski resort. Beijing is also close to the Huaibei ski resort which many people from the Chinese capital like to travel to and ski to their hearts content – it’s no surprise that China does very well in the Olympic sport of skiing in the winter Olympics.


People know Hawaii as the sunshine capital of the world with fantastic weather all year round. However, it’s actually possible to ski on one of Hawaii’s highest peak. Mauna Kea (Hawaiian for White Mountain) is volcano is actually a good location for skiing when weather conditions are right. If you count the base as the sea basin is actually the highest mountain in the world. Skiing in Hawaii is not for those who are timid, in poor health or beginners. It is skiing in the wilderness, that means no lift, no resort, and weather conditions are always changing.


“Well there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas! Are you sure?”

North Africa’s Atlas Mountains area skiing curiosity and have been for decades! Fifty miles east of Marrakech is Oukaimeden, Morocco’s most noteworthy ski resort. It may only have 20 runs which is on the smallest ide by western standards, it nine the less comes with a few quirks. It can be described as retro, and often has lots of space in which you can enjoy the resort to yourself. The skiable area tops out at 10,693 feet, which is 6 ft higher than you might find at ski Val Thorens.

Runs aren’t pistled, so virgin snow, with crisp dry powder awaits.


The seventh continent, ideal for those who have ticked off adventure on every other location on the planet and who are looking for that final frontier – you have found it! It’s the most remote place on earth. It’s all backcountry skiing with walking up to the top of a hill and skiing to the bottom. Because of the lack of Ski resorts here, most people who ski here will retreat by night to private yachts.

North Korea

The fractious country of North Korea. With very few trading partners internationally and a controversial foreign policy, the hermit kingdom is actually a place in which you can ski. The resort of Masik is an optional visiting location to people on an organised North Korea national tour as an excursion from Pyongyang.

If you fancy something a bit more normal you can always go to the Alps.