Are You Planning for Food Tour in Bologna? A Few Tips

Many of you may not be aware that Bologna is also known as “The Fat City”. People from different places visit here to relish the taste of delicious Italian foods, which are served with flavorful ingredients. The culture of serving tasty foods is continued from centuries, and there are plenty of traditional recipes that you will remember for a very long time.

If you ever come for food tours Bologna there are a number of things that will attract you. Following are few attractions of Bologna.

  1. Visit Piazza Maggiore in the evening after sunset or at night where you can enjoy the beauty of the place. You can simply walk around the square or spend some time by sitting in any nearby café. You can also prefer to spend little time on the steps of Basilica of San Petronio and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also prefer to watch the shadow of Neptune Statue which is projecting all over the wall of Palazzo d’Accursio.
  2. If you are a romantic person then you may care to visit Piazza Santo Stefano which is considered to be one of the important social hubs of the Italian towns. Another place known as Bologna’s squares, which is much smaller square as compared to Piazza Moggiore, however here you get better chance to get intimate with your girl-friend. A perfect place to kiss your beloved if you want to take a chance.
  3. Foodies can eat all the special foods of Bologna like crescentine with cold cuts along with soft cheeses like squaquerone and stracchino, tagliatelle al ragu, sage and butter tortelloni etc. All these foods are washed by using local white wine called red Lambrusco or Pignoletto.
  4. If you have overeaten Bolognese food then you can burn off by hiking on San Luca and as a reward you will be able to see a beautiful sanctuary at the top of the hill, which is known as Basilica of San Luca.