Outrigger Konotta Maldives – The Perfect Maldives Getaway

Who does not dream of going to Maldives? I guess this beautiful paradise is always present in everybody’s bucket list.

I had the opportunity to explore this natural beauty late last year. As a beach lover, of course I felt really excited! I have heard and seen images of how mesmerizing the turquoise lagoon is and how amazing the coral islands look like especially from up above. It was all made possible by OV Holidays!

Upon landing to Male International airport now called Velana International airport, all I wanted was to head straight to the resort and see the exciting things I have heard of with my own eyes. But, of course, you have to get through immigration and wait for your transfers. I got the package at an amazingly discounted rate and that was so much better than what I found online on other sites.

The very first Maldives resort I’m headed to was Outrigger Konotta. The resort representative was really nice and kind enough to check me in for my transfers. I got on a 55 minute Domestic Flight and a 20-minute speedboat ride. The flight was exhilarating! Below the white sea of clouds are different shaped landmasses floating on top of bluish-greenish pristine Indian Ocean.

At the resort, there was a warm welcome for each of the guests. Their staff were so pleasant and even walked me to my designated villa. You would want to just walk around and savor the serenity of the place. As an adventurer, I roamed around the island and checked the facilities it has to offer me. The beautiful beach villas were hidden behind vegetation making it very private and secluded. Their overwater villas were beautifully built above their turquoise lagoon. They had a spa center manned by super friendly staff and offer relaxing hydropool.

Their restaurants were located near the main pool facing the ocean. Each offers variety of dining experiences and specialty dishes. I had a great time having hotpot dinner at Driftwood. What an experience to cook your own food on your table. The Teppanyaki master was also good and at the same time funny. You will really enjoy watching how your food is skillfully prepared by your Teppanyaki chef. I also enjoyed spending time in their poolside bar operated by friendly and enthusiastic bar tenders. They really engage in conversations with guests and even play jengga with them!

What a wonderful experience to stay in this private, tranquil and friendly resort. Indeed, it’s a perfect tropical island getaway!