Staycation vs Vacation

You need a break, whether it’s from work or rubbish weather or just the time for a getaway – but taking a vacation is often much easier said than done. There’s all the planning, budgeting, the endless packing. Thankfully, a new trend has emerged; staycations are the hot new kid on the block!

Staycations involve staying in your home country and taking your vacation there – this is the best chance to explore the place you call home. Why not try self catering Aberdovey? Close to lots of tourist hotspots, such as Snowdonia National Park it’s the perfect staycation escape in Wales. Aberdovey is a lovely seaside resort with lovely accommodation, and plenty of things to see and do, family friendly and within driving distance of other mainstream activities.

Don’t just take my word for it though, here are some reasons that will convince you to make your next vacation, a staycation instead.

#1 Avoiding Traveling Stress

There are so many things to consider when taking a vacation, passports, visas, air sickness tablets and carry on luggage to name a few. Flights and connections are a personal bug-bear, but the beauty of a staycation is that you get to wave goodbye to that travel stress! You’ll usually be driving to your final destination, so just load up the Sat-Nav and away you go. No more waiting in airport lounges for you.

#2 Packing is So Much Easier

This should in fact be considered number one on the list of pros. There’s nothing better than only having to pack the bare essentials for a trip – by choosing a staycation it’s likely you’ll be able to visit the shops you know whilst you’re away, this means no more google translating ingredients in foreign supermarkets! You’ll often know the weather forecast in advance, enough to pack the necessary clothes and to not have to pack as though the four seasons are all going to happen at once.

#3 Save Some Money!

People can spend an enormous amount of money on vacations, from the actual holiday cost to the spending money – international travel isn’t cheap! Staycations also mean that you can choose to go in times of year that aren’t going to be super tourist heavy, going in the off-peak season can save you a load of money! There’s also the added benefit of not having to change your currency, or being left with foreign money after the trip.

#4 It’s the Best Excuse to Try New Places

The world (well wherever you’ve picked) is your oyster! A staycation means you can explore and try those places you’ve been hearing about for years. Perhaps you haven’t gone that far from home, go and do all the stuff you recommend visiting friends – maybe that’ll involve visiting a few castles, or the zoo, or even trying some new sports out. This is the time to try all the things you’ve wanted to do!

#5 Pets Can Come

Now, who doesn’t feel that insane guilt leaving their beloved pet behind when they go on holiday? Staycations usually mean that your four-legged best friend can come with you! There might be an additional cost for cleaning, but that pales in comparison to being able to enjoy exploring the area with your pooch.  I lied before, this is totally the number one reason for staycations.