Steak For Breakfast; A Great Option To Consider For A Tasty Morning

A lot of people love the concept of steak for breakfast while others believe it’s completely insane. It’s almost tradition that steak is eaten for dinner, making the morning concept controversial in people’s minds. If by any means you fall into that category, this post might make you want to reconsider.

Breakfast steak

Any piece of steak cut is befitting for breakfast, when coupled with other breakfast items, they’d match perfectly.

Its breakfast, and it’s not surprising that a lot of people do not like to begin their day with chewy cuts. Tender and tasty is what’s best for the mornings such as cuts from the hip, top round breast, ribeye, and aged steaks are more on the tender side. Smaller strips like the thin iron steaks are awesome when added to other breakfast meals.

Is it healthy?

‘Don’t miss breakfast’, doctors will always say. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of your day. The energy that makes your day productive, gives your brain the power it needs comes from that breakfast, so is it healthy for it to be steak?

Steak is a very good protein source, steak and eggs is a combo that gives you a rich protein breakfast. This can help reduce your cravings during the day for carbohydrate dense foods reducing the tendency to gain weight over time. For those trying to lose weight by trying to burn fat for energy instead of stored glucose, this kind of diet will assist them because they actually need a deficit in the amount of carbs they consume.

Breakfast recipe suggestions for steak

No doubt, we don’t expect anyone to eat the same steak prepared the same way every morning, it will definitely get boring. So, with some little changes and creativity, you can have a menu of different steak for your breakfast. You can visit such places as

  • Steak sandwich: Thin slices of iron flat steak sandwiched between bread, it’s just as simple as it sounds. Don’t forget your eggs or cheese for a complete and tasty sandwich.
  • Steak and eggs, classic: Hardboiled or omelet, however, you want it. Eggs and steak are simple and classic.


  • Plus some vegetables: changes the flavor and concept, you’d love it. From peppers, mushrooms, onions, cabbage, anything green and saucy.


  • Breakfast pizza: This is the one you definitely should try out. The general pizza concept of scrambling tomatoes, peppers, onions and other greens with your steak on a piece of dough, baked to a yummy breakfast pizza. You can also order to try out some from Ribnreef steakhouse Montreal