The sky is the limit!

It is the dream of many to become a pilot. Pilot career is surely very exciting and one of a kind.

Some people fly aircraft as a hobby or for business purposes. These civilian pilots need a Private Pilot License. People who want to be hired as a pilot should have a Commercial Pilot License. They normally fly regularly scheduled passenger planes. Additional ratings like instrument rating are required to fly in certain conditions like rain and haze. People who are serious about pilot careers should enroll in an appropriate training program and earn the required licenses and ratings.

The pilot controls the flight and is responsible for the safety of the passengers and the crew during the flight. Pilots need training, technical knowledge, and skills. A person with good communication skill, the presence of mind and courage can be good at this profession. Physical fitness is also very important.  Pilots who have completed more flight hours and have an Airline Pilot License can be the captain of the flight. Pilot careers are not limited to passenger flights. There is a huge demand for cargo pilots also. There are also opportunities for crop dusting, helicopter, backcountry, and glider pilots. Pilots are also needed for weather research and aerial survey. Remuneration of the pilot differs according to the type of work. Military pilots work with the air force. They need to undergo specialized training.

A pilot has to face many challenges at work daily. Often they need to take crucial decisions and be ready to take charge in emergency situations. They have to be away from the family for many days and have unusual working hours. But it gives opportunities to explore the world and to become a global citizen in the true sense. That makes this job really rewarding.