Why Monoculars Have Become Popular?

Lovers of outdoor activities like devices that aids them in the viewing of objects and images that are in far off places. Theirs is a limit to what the human eye can view at a distance but with binoculars, distant images can be viewed more clearly. Binoculars are upgraded versions of the centuries old telescopes being that they can be used for viewing objects during the day and at night unlike telescopes that are only useful at night.  As great as binoculars were, many had issues with their bulky size and weight. Binoculars that produced clearer images were often more weighty and using them for extended periods was indeed a challenge. This led to the invention of its lighter cousin, a Monocular.

Petit Sized Monoculars

Monoculars are smaller versions of binoculars due to their lighter weight and small size. Since they were first introduced, they have become highly demanded by outdoor lovers of all ages for the following reasons.

Lightweight: Being only half the size of a binocular, monoculars are much lighter. They have just one eye piece but the images they produce are as clear as that of a conventional binocular.

Small size: Monoculars are also very small and can be kept in your pocket, a purse of held by hand. This is a very good advantage especially for travelers who wish to travel light.

Same quality: As we have mentioned earlier, that a monocular is only half a binocular doesn’t make it an inferior version of its conventional cousin. It produces crystal clear images just as well as a binocular and it can be used to view distant images depending on the capability of the piece you own.

Great for prolonged usage: Due to its lightweight, using it for a very long time is never a problem as you can carry it wherever you go with ease. Hitchhikers, mountain climbers and people who work outdoors for long periods will find monoculars a better option.

Good for children: Monoculars can also be used by children who are incapable of holding up heavier binoculars. They are compact, easy to use and many come pre settled.

If you want to purchase a monocular, you need to be very clear about what you want to use it for. Viewing objects in bright areas will require a monocular with an average lens size of say a 36mm.  Going for much higher lens size may produce too much light that your pupil cannot take in. The zoom power of the piece you are going for is equally very important. A zoom capacity of 6x – 10x is adequate for outdoor image viewing. There are very good monocualars on sale in online and gadget stores you can buy for very good prices for your outdoor adventure.